Quality is the best accessory

When the market reaches its saturation point, it is necessary to swim against the tide! Customers can do it with us through our modern and creative techniques, which will certainly have a story to tell about you.

artmenu icona personalizzazione stampa a caldo

Hot printing

Thanks to this printing option, every material will look very prestigious and refined.

Hot printing is recognisable for the embossment on the material, which guarantees a very good endurance of colours. This technique is becoming more and more accurate and the palette is now extremely rich.

artmenu icona personalizzazione stampa digitale

Digital printing

The digital printing is a specific technique used to print on the laminate cardboard. Ideal to print colour images as well.

Drawings, Pictures, either modern or old: creative alternatives to the simple company trademark. This is the reason why the digital printing is often required for colorful images or nuances and shades.

artmenu icona personalizzazione foto cucita

Sewn picture

Thanks to this solution, you can customise your faux leather articles with digital images.

The faux leather upholstery is not suitable for digital printings but there is a way to overcome this problem: sewing the digital printing on the faux leather cover. This can be made only on stiff menu covers and customers can choose both the size and the position of the picture.

artmenu icona personalizzazione ricamo


An elegant and refined technique to personalise your articles.  


The embroidery has always been a traditional way to personalise faux leather menu covers. This manufacturing has been reviewed and modernised to give your menu covers a touch of glam.